Ebike tour posing in front of yellow rice fields in Jatiluwih


“E-bike Tour Bali” (operating under “Green Bikes Bali) was founded in 2016 and launched the first e-bike tours in Bali, and Indonesia. We sought to reveal hidden gems in Bali, allowing our guests to experience a more authentic and traditional side of the island that is often missed by the average visitor.

From the beginning, our objective has been to forge strong partnerships with local communities and actively contributing to the local economy. We provide financial support to these communities, also all our guides are exclusively recruited from the surrounding villages where the tours take place.

Jatiluwih rice terraces

Our locations

Jatiluwih was an obvious location for e-bike tours due to its mountainous landscape and stunning nature and surroundings.

Ubud area was a natural fit for our e-bike tours, given its enchanting natural beauty and the multitude of traditional Balinese villages that surround it.

Sanur is our newest inclusion in e-bike tour locations, strategically added to provide a taste of authentic Bali amidst the bustling and tourist-heavy southern region of the island.

Our locations

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Cycling Guides

Please meet our guides, all are from the local villages through which we cycle with our e-bikes.




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