Guests taking pictures of rice fields and surrounding area while on the e-bike tour in south Ubud

Ebike tour in Ubud – BEST “Things to do in Bali, Ubud”

Where does the ebike tour take you?

Ubud and its surroundings (link) are famous for their spectacular nature and views and there are loads of options to visit these beautiful places. On the list of “what to do in Bali, Ubud” or “things to do in Bali”, you will find tours to visit temples and watch traditional dances as well as more active tours such as rafting-, trekking- and these days also ebike tours (link), that is after all the modern way of moving around.

Why do an ebike tour instead of a regular bike tour?

Ebikes are quiet like regular bicycles but when you are cycling in the tropical heat of Bali it is a lot more comfortable not to totally exhaust oneself and with the easy-to-use electric bicycles this is now a good option and of the most fun Things to do in Bali, Ubud.

What route do you follow on the ebike?

The Ubud Nature & Villages ebike tour (link) takes you through several authentic Balinese villages just south of its busy center. You cycle past beautiful Balinese houses and their impressive family temples, some temples are actually larger than the houses in which the owners live as you will see when passing on your ebike. You will cycle around 14 km, and cross a few times busy roads to get to the quieter areas where we spend most of our time on the ebikes.

What you will see during the ebike tour

While riding your electrical bike you will see rice- and flower, chili- and cassava fields, divided by little irrigation canals. Pass on your ebike by the sacred Ayung River which flows nearby Bali Green School and cycle by dense jungle, giant bamboo trees and so much more of Bali’s natural beauty.

Our local, English speaking ebike tour guides are happy to share interesting information with you and make sure to stop regularly so you can take plenty of memorable photos. With this electric bike tour we aim to give you a unique and sustainable experience and show you an authentic part of Bali.

Ebike tour ends with a tasty lunch

At the end of the ebike tour an authentic Balinese lunch is served in a traditional Balinese compound where its proud owner is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about life in Bali.

A complete tour with many Balinese highlights in just half a day makes this one of the BEST Things to do in Bali, Ubud.

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